06/18/2013 By Staff, RYOT News For centuries, tales of the fabled city of Heracleion have inspired the archeological community, but no one knew if it really existed or not — until now. A team of researchers have located the sunken harbor city 150 feet under Egypt’s Bay of Aboukir. Divers have been scouring the site

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Ethiopia’s parliament this week voted to push ahead with the country’s controversial Blue Nile hydroelectric dam project. The move is bound to raise the political stakes even higher following threats earlier this week by Egypt that it would go to war over Ethiopia’s plan to build a $4.7-billion dam on the great river. Egypt claims

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The Story of Early Ancient Egypt and Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush take children aged 7+ to two ancient Nile valley kingdoms. Both these civilizations were among mankind’s earliest and longest lasting. Discover their African roots, great personalities and highest achievements. Both these high-quality resources feature gorgeous illustrations to aid understanding. Concepts are

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