Is Africa Merely An Effect? IJRC  Vol. 01 No. 01 (2012)  OLATUNJI Cyril-Mary Pius Olatunji Adekunle Ajasin University Department of Philosophy Akungba Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria Abstract There have been hot debates over the issue of colonialism in Africa and several theories have emerged from the debates. The Afro-pessimism of Achile Mbembe, the conceptual decolonisation

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Teo Kermeliotis, for CNN Saran Kaba Jones was just eight years old when she fled Liberia in 1989, escaping the horrors of a ruinous civil war that would plague the small West African nation for well over a decade. As the daughter of a diplomat, Jones went on to live a fairly privileged life abroad,

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Africa appears to have reached a turning point. Once dismissed as a hopeless continent beset by war and famine, it is now frequently touted as the next frontier for opportunity and investment. Africa has an abundance of natural wealth and a young and fast-growing population. GDP growth has outpaced many other regions over the last

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