Objective: “Jedi-jedi” is a very common presenting complaint in medical centers and social circles in West Africa. The symptom, constellation of symptoms or syndrome is not formally classified as a disease entity or syndrome in orthodox medical practice. Low back pain and erectile dysfunction are some of the more common presenting complaints that are qualified

Hausa Films Subtitling: Expanding or Exposing the Kannywood?   Muhammad Muhsin Ibrahim Department of English and Literary Studies, Bayero University, Kano Introduction As students of Theatre and Film Studies here in India, we watch drama and films from across the globe, and of all genres. We encounter no hurdle or trouble in getting the

Is Africa Merely An Effect? IJRC  Vol. 01 No. 01 (2012)  OLATUNJI Cyril-Mary Pius Olatunji Adekunle Ajasin University Department of Philosophy Akungba Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria Abstract There have been hot debates over the issue of colonialism in Africa and several theories have emerged from the debates. The Afro-pessimism of Achile Mbembe, the conceptual decolonisation

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On the Northern Knot: What is it? Ibraheem A. Waziri July 6, 2013 NewsRescue-Many have asked that I should shed more light on the following I wrote in the essay, Re: Qur’an on the Resurrection of Jesus, which appeared in this column on the 26th April, 2013: “As far back as the 14th century

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07/05/2013 By Ibraheem A. Waziri Post 18th century (Enlightenment Period) world is a society that markedly moved away from the normative socio-political structures. It rescheduled the roles of individuals and groups with new definitions and set of values. Needless to say that the ghost of what used to shape the thinking of members of socio-cultural

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17-06-2013 The life expectancy for an adult Nigerian male is 63.5 years, and for an adult Nigerian female, about 64 years. This is a very important piece of epidemiological information in lieu popular misunderstanding and misinterpretation of life expectancy data commonly by the press and unknowing general public.

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Ethiopia’s parliament this week voted to push ahead with the country’s controversial Blue Nile hydroelectric dam project. The move is bound to raise the political stakes even higher following threats earlier this week by Egypt that it would go to war over Ethiopia’s plan to build a $4.7-billion dam on the great river. Egypt claims

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by Farouk Martins Aresa NewsRescue-If you are wondering how Nigeria that was fighting for Independent Country became one that is fighting for disintegrated country, look no further than our “elite” schools where the shakers and spoilers in the barracks with some unscrupulous civilians took over tasks totally above their heads.  Not what Herbert Macauley,  Ernest

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