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The RGUILD research journal is an African and global minority scientific, health and social sciences journal. RGUILD is committed to improving lives via promotion of scholarly research with focus on development.  Publications on RGUILD follow theoretical, speculative, statistical and mathematical models. RGUILD primarily focuses on works that are relevant to improving health care, including health care delivery and statistics; social science research including the humanities and natural research, geared towards competitive development, political stability and innovative advancement in the developing world and in developing communities.

A first of its kind, RGUILD is an ultra modern journal, established on a social public utility media platform that delivers cutting edge research and publications to a broad audience, not limited to scientific circles. Also promoting a friendly stade, and opening up to new scientists, our platform encourages research thinking and provides access not only to information, but also to supported research work, publications and scientific collaboration. Our goal is not to only harvest but importantly to develop research, research appreciation and research interest.

The Guild's academic and intellectual peer-review process, maintains highest standards of all published material. Publications are delivered to media audiences, scientific institutions and also to relevant government bodies where the scholarly information can be put to use toward its intended productive and progressive outcomes.

The guild encourages the submission of all scholarly work for review towards inclusion in our electronic and print journals. Cutting edge technology is a key aspect of RGUILD, in material preparation, delivery and search.

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