GUARDIAN Officials in European capitals denounced the practice of secretly gathering digital information on Europeans as unacceptable. Barack Obama was facing a mounting domestic and international backlash against US surveillance operations on Monday as his administration struggled to contain one of the most explosive national security leaks in US history. Political opinion in the US

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The Story of Early Ancient Egypt and Step Back in Time to Ancient Kush take children aged 7+ to two ancient Nile valley kingdoms. Both these civilizations were among mankind’s earliest and longest lasting. Discover their African roots, great personalities and highest achievements. Both these high-quality resources feature gorgeous illustrations to aid understanding. Concepts are

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RGUILD A car is only useful in hauling itself around. The average car in the United States weights two tons, that’s 4000 pounds of steel being hauled around everywhere you go. With you weighing just about 200lbs, that means—to move around, you haul 20 times your weight. Now considering the fuel implications of the loads

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